The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Title Tags

The Ultimate Title Tags for SEOWhat Are Title Tags?

Title Tags are 55 character synopsis of what a page is supposed to be about that compels a person to click on it.

It should include 1-3 words that capture the essence of what the page is about (Keyword Phrase) that includes incentives and benefits of clicking on that result.

Where Are Title Tags Placed on the Page?

The Title Tag is located within the code of a page, near the top under the following html tags:

<title>Title is here</title>

You can’t see the Title tag unless you look in the Tab of the browser or Right Click > View Page Source.  It’ll be near the top.

[Insert Image of View source Showing Title Tags]

Where Do Title Tags Show up on Google?

Title Tags are the Largest Type (Arial 18 Point Type on Google) on a SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).  You can see the Title Tags appearing on any SERP after any Google Search is conducted.

title tag example

Benefits of Great Title Tags

Strategic Title tags can help with Ranking and can improve the Click-Through Rate (CTR), which improves visits and eventually Revenue.  Title tags used to be a MAJOR Player when it came to ranking but now it is a part of the whole page quality.

What Else Do Title Tags Do?

If the title tag does NOT accurately describe the information on the page, the page will be judged and scored lower.  Likely the page may experience a higher abandonment rate (Bounce Rate) fewer pages viewed per visit, fewer purchases and lower revenue.

  • Words like Attorney and Lawyer are regarded as the same.
  • Google does a very good job of associating multiple keyword phrases and synonyms to a page.

For example, if you sell sunglasses, you might rank for the following:

  • Men’s sunglasses
  • Women’s sunglasses
  • Kid’s sunglasses
  • Mirrored sunglasses for men

Related product keywords including variations or specifications related to that product and it depends on many things that will be covered in other training posts.

Best Title Tag Practices

What are the constraints of Creating Useful Title Tags?

The biggest constraint with Title tags is that you are limited to about 55 Characters.  Any more and the title tag will get cut off fewer than 30 and Google may add words like domain name or possibly rewrite the entire Tag.

Keep within the limit of 55 characters.  Rarely go over this number and rarely have fewer than 30 characters.

What should be included in Title Tags?

  • Keyword Phrase or synonym is required
    • Lawyer / Attorney
    • Hair Stylist / Barber – not really the same.
    • Plumbing Services / Plumber
    • Bar / Pub / Club /
  • To create a compelling reason to click, it must include 2 or more of the following:
    • Keyword Phrase
    • Reputable Brand / Branding
    • Incentive
    • Benefits
    • Embedded Command / Action verb
    • Differentiate + Credibility/GeoLocation
    • Add Specificity to rank for long tail queries = higher CTR and Conversion
      • Product Variant
      • Product SKU
      • Product Model #
      • Product Specifications
      • Category/Sub Category
      • Service/Sub Service
  • A Call To Action
    • Save Now
    • Register Now
    • Buy Now
    • Download
    • Subscribe Today
    • Sign up
      • Sign Up for Free
    • Get Started
    • Make an Appointment
    • Reserve Your Space | Spot
    • Claim Your Free Trial
    • Add to Wish List

Coordinate Title Tags with Your Meta Description

Create a narrative – duplicating information or purposely leaving out information to hit benefits, incentives and call-to-actions in total.

What will we cover:

  • Formulas to Follow (Basic)
    • E-Commerce Formulas (Advanced)
    • Small Business/Local (Advanced)
  • Long Tail Queries and Title Tags
  • Short Tail Queries and Title Tags
  • Keyword Phrase Trends

Page Templates

Service CompaniesE-Commerce Companies
Services OfferedCategories List
SubServicesSubCategories List
Information PageGender (Persona)
How To GuidesBrand List
Bulletin BoardsBrand + Category List
Image GalleryProduct Pages
Circumstance (Emergency)Review List
Persona + ServicesReview Product
Event + ServicesBlog

Long Tail Queries

Matching Long tail Keyword Phrases to ACTUAL keyword phrases used by searchers.

The smartest strategy is to add the keyword phrase appropriate  to the Page Templates + Select Formulas

Short Tail Queries

Matching Keyword phrase plus some benefit or call to action

For the most part, using page templates and formulas will more than cover a short tail keyword phrase.  Simply adding [geo-location] + [service]

[geo-location] + [product]

The shorter the keyword phrase, the higher the competition.  When there is more competition, you need more links to your site and that particular page.  Why?  There is a lot more competition for short tail keyword phrases, so it is necessary to beat your competition with backlinks and referring domains.

Go to a bunch of sites to compare short tail keyword phrases for local

Small Business Local

Almost all of the information that has been covered so far can easily cover local small business search engine optimization.

Local Small Business Formulas

  • [Keyword Phrase] + [Geolocation] + [benefit/incentivecall-to-action]
  • [Geolocation] + [Service] / [Sub Service] + [benefit/incentive/call-to-action
  • [Geolocation] + [Category] + [benefit/incentive/call-to-action]
  • [Geolocation] + [Gender] + [Category] + [benefit/incentive/call-to-action]
  • [Geolocation] + [Gender} + [Service/Sub Service] + [benefit/incentive/call-to-action]

Long Tail Local Search

Sub Services | Sub Categories | Adding Gender |

Accounting  (take a look at this site for a great example)

  • For Businesses
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Tax Preparation & planning
    • Quick Books Accounting
    • Incorporations
    • Establishing U.S. Operations
    • Business Startups
    • Ongoing Advice (Consulting)
  • For Individuals
    • Tax Preparation & Savings
    • Wealth Management
    • Stock Options
    • Estates, Trusts & Gifts
    • Bill Paying

Additional Page Types with Special Phrases

Events or Roles for Event

  • [Sub Service] for [Event] in [Geo-Location] + [benefit/incentive/call-to-action]
    • Hair Style Creations for Bridesmaids on Wedding Day | Downtown Chicago
    • Teeth Whitening for Brides and Grooms | Downtown Chicago
    • Tax Consulting & Bookkeeping for IRS Audits | Chicago. IL

Get Specific about particular keywords:

Best Reviews for [product name] + [model #]

You Can Tell A Short Story:

  • Best [Boxing Trainer] in [Geo Location]
  • Best [Service] in [Geo Location]
  • Best Men’s Haircuts in Lincoln Park, Chicago
  • Best Barbeque Ribs in Chicago
  • Best Pork Baby Back Ribs in Lincoln Park, Chicago
  • Highest Rated Dry Ribs in New Orleans – Big Daddy BBQ

Value Propositions

Value PhrasesProduct Value Phrases
Customer service
100% satisfaction
Guaranteed satisfaction
No hassle returns
Free returns
Fast shipping
Gear expert
Amazing Customer Service
CampSaver Difference
Advice you can trust
Hands on
Free shipping
Same day shipping
Best way to shop
Easy to browse
Find what you are looking for
Customer recommended
Recommended by guides
Recommended by pros
Guides' choice
Professional choice
Quality Gear
Premium Gear
Authorized seller
The Best Brands
Outdoor specialists
Premium Brands
High End Gear
Outdoor adventure
Award winning
Top rated
Best in class
Outfitting for adventure
Quality merchandise
Best selection
Best price
Biggest selection
Unbeatable selection
Gear for the enthusiast
Lifetime warranty
Tough as nails
Lasts a long time
High performance
Get what you are looking for

E-Commerce Formulas

Call To Action + Keyword Phrase + Incentive
Shop Women’s Pants Suits Up to 32% Off

Call To Action + Keyword Phrase + Variant + Incentive
Shop Women’s Black Pant Suits Up to 32% Off

Call To Action + Benefit + Keyword Phrase + Variant + Incentive
Buy & Save on Women’s Red Pants Suits Up to 32% Off

Call To Action + Keyword Phrase + Incentive
Shop Women’s Pants Suits Up to 32% Off

Call To Action + Keyword Phrase + Variant + Incentive
Shop Women’s Black Pant Suits Up to 32% Off

Call To Action + Benefit + Keyword Phrase + Variant + Incentive
Buy & Save on Women’s Red Pants Suits Up to 32% Off

Small Business Title Tag Strategies

(Call To Action + Geo Location + Product or Service + Time Constraint + Incentive)

Call Chicago Plumbing Services Today – Free Consultation

Call Chicago Plumbing Services Today – Free Consultation & 10% Off

(Sub Category + Geo Location + Incentive or Benefit)

Emergency Flood Repair in Lincoln Square – Free Consultation

Emergency Flood Repair in Lincoln Square – Call 24 Hours

(Benefit + Incentive + Service + Time Constraint + Call To Action)

Save Up To 30% on Boys Haircuts Today (312) 555-1212

(Benefit + Incentive + Service + Geo Location)

Save Up To 30% on Manicures in Lincoln Square 60614

(Service + Geo Location + Incentive + Time Constraint)

Manicure/Pedicure in Lincoln Square Save Up to 30% Today

These examples should be a starting point for you or your marketing team.  Experiment with these formulas and create your own.  Test them against each other and have fun.  Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and H1 tags can all benefit from these formulas and different combinations.

Leave a comment about which ones you have tried or ones you invented on your own and go out there and make money!

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