Title Tag Slide Presentation: How To Create Advanced Title Tags

How To Create Advanced Title Tags

You can see the actual video posted on Youtube of this lesson. We have provided all the slides and most of the narration.

We have provided all the Title Tag slides and narration for most of the slide presentation if you’d like to use them or send a link to new staff.

main search engine optimization slideThe bulk of these slides include how to make Title Tags the absolutely best Title Tags, but these can also influence Meta Descriptions and H1 tags. We will spend the bulk of the time discussing Title tags, but please always remember that this can be used in every element of page structure including images, alt tags, H1 tags, captions, general content and more.
session title tag lesson for seo classTitle Tags were the most important part of the listing in a Search Engine Result Page, Not the most important part of the page… anymore, but they used to be. Now entire page content and Title tags being congruent with the actual page content is important… however, That title tag serves a major purpose in CTR, which indirectly helps rank.

3 elements of SEO structure content popularityThere are really 3 areas that make a difference regarding SEO

- Website Structure
- Popularity Building
- Useful Content

You must have 100% effort in all 3 areas to compete in this day and age. Your content must be useful and comprehensive, the site structure must be programmed methodically, and the site popularity must be prolific.
on page optimization effective seo slideOn-Page

The Term On-Page Optimization, means SEO techniques that can be done ON THE SITE and includes structure and content. You MUST have access through the content management system, through the actual site files, the ability to post content, add images and the like.
off page optimization effective seo sllideOff-Page

The Term Off-Page Optimization, means SEO techniques that are done if you DO NOT have access to the site files. You can still do a significant amount of important SEO work if a business owner does not allow access to their site.

This includes Popularity building, Creating and Posting Content on external sites, conducting outreach campaigns, like emailing bloggers and webmasters, site owners and sharing content on social media. Yes, I know social media isn’t a part of the ranking algorithms… but it does get the content distributed… more on that later.
list of things to include in title tags and meta descriptionsHere is just the beginning of the types of strategies to implement on Title Tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags and introductory text or descriptions on various pages.

Carefully consider the more than 14 different elements that can be used including Keyword Phrase, Page Templates, Incentives, Benefits, Embedded Commands (NLP), Social Proof, Calls To Action, Variants / Specification, Activities, Trending Search Phrases, SKU, Value Propositions, Questions Proposed by Searchers,
Target Audience, and more.

page templates for seo optimizationAbout 25-30 % of your Title Tag will be obvious.. It is simply the words that coincide with the page template. The Keywords should be the first word or phrase of the Title Tag.

So for Category, it should be Sleeping Bags or Climbing Ropes or Hiking Boots

B+C Pages: Big Agnes Sleeping Bags | Marmot Sleeping Bags

Review Pages: Reviews & Ratings for Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

Deal Pages: Deals & Discounts on Marmot Sleeping Bags

New Pages – List pages of new [category] in 2018 or 2019
title tag specific strategiesMost Companies DO NOT have a strategy when creating Title Tags – Which do help convince searchers to click on YOUR Listing.

Use this section to convince someone to click on your listing

Let’s take a look at How Some Sites Use this formatting and then we’ll see how to REALLY make a difference with your title tags.
incentives for seo title tagsThe goal is to entice, convince, and even compel people to click on your listing and NOT your competition’s listing. The highest performing listings either have credibility built in to the result by being a reputable company or they have incentives built in to convince people to click.

You have to convince people that it is WORTH THEIR time to click on a link. Searchers do not want even 2 seconds of the their time wasted and they use Title tags to determine if it is worth it. Provide incentives that are congruent with the information on the page to achieve high click through rates, lots of page visits and e-commerce conversions.
include benefits in title tags for optimized seoList out all the benefits that your business brings and offers. Integrate those into your Title tags and Meta Descriptions.

Have you written a book?
Were you selected as Top Dentist in Your State?
Do you teach courses at a University?
value propositions for title tagsYou can easily add these types of phrases to Title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags or captions as long as they apply to your company, site or business.
target market in title tags for seoPeople often search for their target market (kids, moms, teens, climbers, campers, hikers, brides, teachers, and more)
using activities in title tags to improve ctrWith Dentists Offices, just the teeth whitening service can serve soooo many activities. An SEO can include these activities in the content of the teeth whitening page or create multiple pages.

You can team up with Photographers and cross promote each others service, adding links to each others sites. Why can’t a dentist have photographer recommendations with a discount on the site and vice versa. Same thing for Wedding planners recommending dentists.
calls to action in title tags formulasThere are many formats for Title Tags. Anyone that doesn’t think there should be an incentive to gaining new customers, needs to get out of business. It doesn’t have to be a discount, but some incentive needs to be put in place. Reputation is good.
use social proof on title tags meta descriptionsAs you can see here, the highlighted sections show reviews, ratings, number of purchases and “certification” type graphics of verified reviews.
list of social proof title tagsOne of the worst practices in Retail is to have an empty store in a Mall + Employees standing there waiting to help people. Better to pretend they are browsing so it looks like there are shoppers.

Notice the red square around “1,000+ bought” This is social proof.
nlp in seo using action wordsNeural Linguistic Programming in Marketing

Every single word is absolutely worth stewing over. Phrasing your sentences to promote good feelings, meaning, motivation and mood is strategic.

This is worth TESTING because one single word can change everything.

I have taken sites and made one or two tweaks with what appears on Title Tags and it was a game-changer. We’ll discuss in a few minutes.

Change negative keywords to positive influential words helps create a completely different experience of the site and company.

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