Advanced Title Tags for E-commerce Sites

This document should be used as a training tool for anyone that wants to begin or improve an e-commerce website.

These strategies are designed to improve:

  • Click-through-rate  (CTR)
  • Ranking
  • Conversion rates

Scope of Content

Using Incentives and Benefits in Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, & H1 Tags

Incentives & Benefits

The Psychological principles behind using incentives and benefits are simple.  People like knowing how they will win by choosing your result over all the other results.

People want their problem solved, or the information they seek quickly and they want to know they received the best price available.  Incentives and benefits are a win-win strategy.  The site owner and searcher both win simultaneously.

From a competitive viewpoint, if all the results on Google are displayed using the same strategy (keyword phrase + brand), there is nothing that differentiates your listing from the online competition.  This means, there is nothing to compel a person to investigate YOUR site.

This causes the searcher to choose a result based on 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Random Choice
  2. Display Order
  3. Brand Recognition & Reputation

In short, no one wins when incentives and benefits are excluded from site content.

Fundamental E-commerce Strategy

The difference between MSRP and sale price equals SAVINGS.  Add Savings Percentage % to title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags for improved click-through-rate (CTR).  “When this is also applied to product or service pages, the conversion rate also increases.


Notice the formula: [Category | Brand] – not very effective.

If you add Savings Percentage on product pages, you can put the exact savings on the Title tags to be seen on the SERPS.

Fishing Lures & Baits Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops

Knives: Folding & Fixed Blade Up to 26% Off | Bass Pro Shops

Camping Tents Up to 22% Off | Bass Pro Shops

If you add Product Count on product list pages it fulfills expectations of the searcher and adds credibility.

55 Binoculars Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops

55 Binoculars Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops

55 Binoculars Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops

If you add Embedded Commands / Action Words on product pages and product list pages, it can help influence the searcher, as well.

Browse 55 Binoculars Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops

Shop 55 Binoculars Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops 

View 55 Binoculars Up to 32% Off | Bass Pro Shops

Fundamental E-commerce Strategy

Listing the savings of each product on list pages and product pages would increase conversion rates by well over 5-10% with no other changes, I predict.

Adding Savings to Title tags and meta description would be a major increase in click-through-rate (CTR) and would create more conversions (higher conversion rate) once searchers actually visited the site.  This is not a “discount” store tactic or strategy, it is a fundamental e-commerce strategy.


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